With the recent advent of DeFi, we’re now uniquely positioned to reestablish our RAJNAJNEESPURAM in this new realm. This is why we have created the token $LOVE- in order to spread awareness of our beliefs and begin building again, this time online. We will once again establish our dominance and political powers through the use of extensive drug experimentation, free love and intensive meditation techniques, while leveraging Web3 technologies. 

Uniswap has enabled an explosion of free love by allowing tokens to multiply exponentially like never before. However, many are unable to navigate this new realm and are often led astray, becoming spiritually and economically bankrupt, often leading to degeneracy.  To this end we will fill that void with $LOVE and light in this ethereal world with whose frequencies resonate with our libertarian beliefs.

In addition to being our spiritual leader, Osho was also our lead dev. Tragically he was poisoned by the US government after his imprisonment for crimes he was not guilty of, but his teachings will live on forever. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with his texts below and hope these materials will resonate with you.